Title: best way to implement a daily email                                 If you need copy same format use firefox or chrome or safari but iexplorer not work

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the way is to create a SQL Job to run a stored procedure to generate and send your emails. Jobs are failry easy to create if you have Management Studio (scripting them is a bit more involved). You can then send message out using Database Mail with something like:
EXEC [msdb].[dbo].[sp_send_dbmail]
    @profile_name        = `some mail profile`,
    @from_address        = @Sender,             /* only valid for SQL 2008 */
    @recipients        = `someone@somewhere.com`,
    @copy_recipients                    = `someoneelse@somewhere.com`,
    @subject        = `Subject Line`,
    @body            = `Message Body`,
    @body_format        = `HTML`;                     /* TEXT is also a valid switch */