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using System.Threading;
using System.Diagnostics;
namespace PoolThread
    class MyProcess
        public ManualResetEvent doneEvent;
        public MyProcess(ManualResetEvent sendEvent)
        // Assign notify event from ThreadPool
         this.doneEvent = sendEvent;
       public void MyProcessThreadPoolCallback(Object index)
            int threadIndex = (int)index;
         Console.WriteLine("thread {0} started...", threadIndex);
        // Call the process that is created on every thread
         Console.WriteLine("thread {0} end...", threadIndex);
        // Indicates that the process has been completed
// Start any process
    public void StartProcess()
        // Start process that open c:\ directory
public class ThreadPoolExample
     static void Main()
         const int totalCountProcess = 10;
         // Create manualresetevent array to assign with process
         ManualResetEvent[] sendEvents = new ManualResetEvent[totalCountProcess];
         // Create MyProcess objects array
         MyProcess[] MyProcessArray = new MyProcess[totalCountProcess];
         // Configure and launch threads using ThreadPool:
         Console.WriteLine("launching thread...");
         for (int i = 0; i < totalCountProcess ; i++)
             sendEvents[i] = new ManualResetEvent(false);
             MyProcess p = new MyProcess(sendEvents[i]);
             MyProcessArray[i] = p;
             // ThreadPool call QueueUserWorkItem method to execute when ThreadPool having thread
             ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(p.MyProcessThreadPoolCallback, i);
             // After execute one thread it go in sleep mode for 2 second
         // Wait for all thread to complete execution
         Console.WriteLine("All process are complete.");